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We believe that powerful stories truly inspire. They move and connect people and brands. Video’s allow us to capture the truth behind someone’s story and we will help you tell yours. Even when on a smaller budget, we will be able to create a passionate and emotional experience. Get in touch with us not only if you are looking for great content for your video marketing, but also when you need a sublime high-end video production. We excel in visualizing your story and we create videos for people all over the world.

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Video marketing

Video is booming! 85% of people worldwide are spending more than 1 hour per week on watching videos on social media. The question is not about if you need video, but what kind of video?!

Think about it: people worldwide uploading more than 500 hours of video content per minute on YouTube! You might think, “In this huge pond of video content, will my video reach my audience? How do I stand out?” We can help you create the right videos and a video marketing plan.

Yet, numbers have shown that embedding video on your landing page can increase conversion by 46%. Including video content in your marketing plan, meaning structurally, will guarantee a future. You will need a solid video marketing strategy.

Video is inspiring, clarifying and even tangible, open your browser and you will find loads of tutorials of people explaining how to use a product or service. Every smart company has integrated online marketing into their marketing strategy. Video content is no longer just a tool to effectively transfer information, it also effects your findability in search engines. YouTube is the greatest search engine besides Google and has more visitors than Facebook and Twitter on a weekly basis.

VineVisuals is happy to advise you on the use of online video and distribution of your content. We can help you optimize your search engine findability and ways of using social media to reach a bigger audience.