Looking for an internship?

At VineVisuals you can start your internship at different departments, from marketing to video producer. We offer multiple ways for interns to learn and equip themselves with the necessary skills to move forward in their desired careers. We want to see interns accomplish their short-term goals, long term goals, and have the best internship experience possible!



Getting blown away by your conversion figures, sounds good, right? Video can give your SEO a boost. An average website visit increases from 48 seconds to 5,5 minutes when a video is to be seen, also very important for the Google index. We are just getting started. You have more chance (up to 53 times!) to end up on the first search page of Google when you use video on your website! Your video marketing- and social media strategy should be best friends. Apart from improving your SEO, video lends itself well for social media. Facebook’s auto play, Twitter’s new video player or Pinterest’s link building effect for example. Social media is a quick and personal way of distributing your content and, if used the right way, you will reach a bigger audience. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your video marketing strategy and how to use video the best way possible for your business or personal branding.